Coin Hunter - virtual change checking with real coins

Join the hunt using our online coin checker, change is coming...

Coin Hunter is a free online coin hunt with prizes, but it is more than just a game.

The virtual coins you check are all real and you can own any coin you see at face value.

You could get a Kew Gardens 50p for 50p or any other rare coin you find in the hunt for face valve.

Coin Hunter is supporting CLIC Sargent: When cancer strikes young lives, CLIC Sargent limits the damage this causes beyond their health. Please donate to help children and young people with cancer and their families.

Prizes Available: (Products and images: The Royal Mint)

With less opportunity to receive real change to check as a result of contactless card payments and online shopping, we thought virtual change would be a good idea!

Login each day to receive your free virtual change packets containing £2 Coins, £1 Coins, and 50 Pence Coins. Change packets are emptied into your virtual hand for you to check. To find out which coins are rare or valuable, use your Coin Checker virtual album which is automatically filled with the coins you find during the hunt.

Play online and compete for prizes whilst building your real coin collection. Any coin design that you receive as a virtual coin can be ordered at face value plus the current royal mail cost for first class post.

You have a real chance of finding in circulation rare UK coins. Every coin received from banks and UK cash centres is included in the hunt - guaranteed. You have the same percentage chance of finding rare coins as you would in the shops, but with Coin Hunter you will receive thousands of pounds in change without buying anything.

Creating a virtual coin hunt with real coins | NEW Coin Hunter Album

This website is aimed at coin hunters of any age who want to enjoy the hunt (and not pay over face value). Children especially can get involved and enjoy the thrill of finding a coin missing from their collection or a rare coin.

The Coin Hunter App is currently active in Daily mode. Play online in a new coin hunt each day and earn points towards coin related prizes. Preparation is underway for the next online event. Hunt#3 with prizes, surprises and collectable coins from circulation at face value will begin soon.

Information about the last event - Coin Hunter: Hunt#2 (9th May 2017 12:00:00 to 16th May 2017 11:59:59)

Bringing the coins and the history to life

Coin Hunter was created to help educate and inspire coin collectors. We are proud to launch a new library of pages based on the people and events commemorated through The Royal Mint coin designs. These pages have been created by the Coin Hunter Community (Facebook Group). A very big thank you to all members who have contributed.

2008 Olympic Handover Ceremony

2014 Trinity House

2014 First World War Centenary

2015 First World War Centenary Royal Navy

2016 First World War Centenary Army

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