Coin Hunter: Hunt#2 - 9th May 2017 12:00:00 to 16th May 2017 11:59:59

About Coin Hunter

Coin Hunter is a free web based app that allows you to check change online. The change is a handful of virtual coins, but every coin you see is drawn from a pot of real coins.

This means that you can add any coin you see to your real collection, just by clicking the coin and using your free coin lock.

At the end of the coin hunt, you have the option to order any locked coins at face value. The coins are then posted to your address first class.

About Hunt#2

The app will randomly draw handfuls of change from 11000 coins with a total value of £10,000 received from Barclays Bank. 3000 £2 coins and 8000 50 pence pieces.

Note: £1 coins requested from banks will now be the new design, so on top of the 11000 coins we will include £1 coin designs in the correct ratios based on circulation figures from The Royal Mint. This will include rare designs such at the Edinburgh £1 coin. Like every coin in the hunt, all £1 coins seen can be locked and the real coin ordered at face value.

Locking a coin just for you

Coin locks are how users get hold of the real coins at face value on a first to find basis. You can use a real coin lock to place a reserve on any coin you see.

Each user will be limited to locking a maximum of one of each coin design. This is to make to hunt as rewarding as possible for all players and give people the best chance of building or completing their collection.

Locking a coin removes it from the hunt. At the end of the hunt you have the option to pay face value to receive any coin or coins that you have locked.

Every user received one free coin lock to use during the hunt. Additional coin locks can be purchased from within the app and will be available throughout the hunt (see pricing information below). Pro Version Only: Purchased locks are assigned to your account and do not expire, so can be used on the daily hunt or future main event hunts.

Free Version and Pro Version

Hunt#2 will be the first to use a two tier approach to ensure everyone has the same chance of winning a prize in the version they choose to play.

Coin Hunt Versions
Coin Hunt Items
Free Pro (£5.50)
Handfuls of change each day 10 50
Included Coin Locks 1 3
Additional Coin Locks Pack of 3 for £3.29 Pack of 5 for £3.29
Unused Coin Locks Expire at the end of the hunt Do not expire and can be used in the next hunt
Prizes Top 3 with a retail value of £45 Top 10 with a retail value of £265

Prizes for hunt #2 (Products and images: The Royal Mint)

Free version users compete in the free league for the following prizes:

  1. Definitive Coin Set
  2. Fire of London BU £2
  3. Beatrix Potter Coin Album

Pro version users compete in the pro league for the following prizes:

  1. Royal Mint Prize Bundle: 2017 Peter Rabbit Silver Proof 50 Pence, The 2017 United Kingdom Definitive Coin Set, Great Fire of London 2016 UK £2 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin and Royal Mint Beatrix Potter Coin Album
  2. 2017 Peter Rabbit Silver Proof 50 Pence
  3. The 2017 United Kingdom Definitive Coin Set
  4. Great Fire of London 2016 UK £2 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin OR Royal Mint Beatrix Potter Coin Album (Plus 5,000 Prize Points on either selection)
  5. Great Fire of London 2016 UK £2 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin OR Royal Mint Beatrix Potter Coin Album
  6. 10,000 Prize Points
  7. 10,000 Prize Points
  8. 10,000 Prize Points
  9. 10,000 Prize Points
  10. 10,000 Prize Points

Additional Information

League points are allocated based on the rarity of every coin received where The Royal Mint have published circulation figures. In the event of a tie, the winner / places will be drawn from the equal top scorers.

Every user has the opportunity to receive more packs of change and more real coin locks via the following methods:

Selecting the Get More Change button and completing a task such as visiting a website.
Earning streak bonuses by playing for a number of consecutive days.

Multiple Accounts

Any user can open multiple accounts as it is not possible to effectively stop this.

As a pro user you are automatically entitled to also use the free version, there is no need to create an additional account you can simply switch between pro and free in the app.

In the interest of trying to give everyone the chance to find the coins they need, we have added the following limitations.
Only 1 prize per user where multiple accounts are created.
Only 1 prize and 1 order of coins can be processed per PayPal account and postal address without special agreement obtained before the hunt begins.

The Coin Pot

The pot contains 12500 coins with a total value of £11,500. 3000 £2 coins, 1500 £1 coins and 8000 50 pence pieces.

We want every user to have every possible chance. This is why a seeded coin distribution process has been added to hunt#2.

In simple terms it keeps some of the rarest and most desirable coins out of the main pot at the start and puts them all back in at random times throughout the hunt.

Without this in place, the first few people in on the first few days could lock many of the coins everyone would like to find. This ensures a fairer distribution of coins.

All coins are from circulation, so coin condition is outside of our control. Wear and tear to coins can include marks, colour change and rubbing down which is normally more pronounced in older coins. That said we see a large number of coins, so where possible will select the ones in the best condition for you. Coins that we do not consider to be in good condition for the year will not be part of the hunt.

We can make no guarantee about availability of specific coin designs, especially rarer and sought after coins. Like everyday change we get what we are given, just on a larger scale.

We can guarantee that the advertised amounts of coinage have been received and checked with every coin found included in the pot.

Real coins delivered

The day after hunt#2 ends, the app will include an additional "Claim Coins" button. This allows you to view all your locked coins and select the ones you would like for your real collection and pay via PayPal.

The real coin order process will be active for one week after the end of the hunt. Any coins not claimed during this time will be returned to the pot for other users to find.

We are very keen to provide a face value ordering service, but with PayPal charges of 3.4% and £0.20 on every transaction we made a loss on every coin order made in hunt#1.

Moving forward all coins can still be ordered at face value, but with the PayPal charges of 3.4% and £0.20 added to allow us to break even on coin orders.

Example Coin Order Cost for hunt#2

2 x £2 coins and 2 x 50p coins with a face value of £5 would cost:

£5 for the coins

£5 x 3.4% = £0.17
+ £0.20
= £0.37 on top to cover PayPal fees

Total Payable before postage would be: £5.37


Coins with a face value of £5 or less can be posted first class, all other orders will be sent first class signed for.

All post is sent via The Royal Mail to any address you provide in secure protective packaging.

First Class: £1.59
First Class Signed For: £2.99 (up to 10 coins)
First Class Signed For: £4.59 (more than 10 coins)

Taking Part in Hunt#2

Every account requires a unique and valid email address in order to take part in hunt2.

Orders for hunt#2 pro can only be taken before the hunt starts from within the app. Pro status will be applied to your account, ready to be used from day 1.