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2017 First World War Centenary Aviation £2 Coin

2017 First World War Centenary Aviation
2017 First World War Centenary Aviation £2 - Click coin to view larger image

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How much is the First World War Aviation 2 pound coin worth?
First World War Aviation £2 Coin value eBay.

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Martinsyde G.100 Elephant
Martinsyde G.100 Elephant

The First World War was the first time that aircraft had been used on a large scale in conflict. At the start of the war, aircraft were mainly used for tactical work and reconnaissance, but as the war developed, both sides started using them to drop bombs, and pilots became entangled in "dog fights". By the end of the war, the RAF was established, a significant division of the British forces. The role of these pilots became crucial to the war effort, just as much as the troops on the ground.

This 2017 coin honours the work that these early aviators did, and the sacrifices they made in this dangerous work for their country. The reverse design by Dan Flashman shows an aircraft of the period similar to the Martinsyde G.100 Elephant flying over country fields, with the caption "THE WAR IN THE AIR". The reverse features the 5th portrait by Jody Clark.

FWW Centenary Aviation £2 Coin in Display Folder

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First World War Aviation coin specification and useful information

Alloy Inner: Cupro-nickel
Outer: Nickel-brass
Weight 12.00 g
Diameter 28.4 mm
Reverse Designer Dan Flashman
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Year 2017
How many First World War Aviation £2 coins were minted? Unknown

Minting errors: Is there a First World War Aviation £2 coin mint error?

Sellers of coins from circulation would like to sell coins for as much over face value as possible, so often refer to rare mint error in the description on marketplaces such as eBay. If you are looking to buy this coin, read this first to ensure you do not pay far more than the coin is worth as a collector item.

No mint errors for this coin have been confirmed by The Royal Mint.

Error associated with this coinCoin Image
The inscription on the edge of the coin THE SKY RAINED HEROES is upside down when the coin is Obverse (heads) side up.

This is common on all two pound coins and is not a minting error as the inscription is not struck a certain way up. Any two pound coin can have the writing on the edge any way up.

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