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Coin Hunter £2 Coins 2017 First World War Centenary Aviation Value, Scarcity, Errors, Mintage and Specification
2017 First World War Centenary Aviation

£2 Coin 2017 First World War Centenary Aviation

How much is it worth?

Collector Value: Unknown as sufficient sales data is not available.

How rare is this coin?

Scarcity: Unknown as First World War Aviation £2 coins do not have a mintage figure available and may not have entered circulation.

Buy this coin

Buy: 2017 First World War Centenary Aviation £2 coins are often listed for sale on eBay, whether it is an example from circulation, a brilliant uncirculated coin or as a precious metal presentation issued in 2017 by The Royal Mint.

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Sell this coin

Sell: There are Facebook groups that can be used to sell coins without the fees, such as the Coin Hunt group - or you could keep this coin for your collection.

Mintage and Specification

Coin Info: No mintage figure is available for the First World War Aviation coin dated 2017 showing the edge inscription THE SKY RAINED HEROES. Designed by Dan Flashman, showing the Queen's portrait by Jody Clark. £2 coins weigh 12g and measure 28.4mm in diameter.

Mint errors

Errors: 0 errors confirmed by The Royal Mint. Follow this link an scroll to the bottom of the page to read about First World War Aviation Coin "Non-Errors" or find out more about general coin errors.

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