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2011 Wheelchair Rugby 50p

121,175 BU
1,765,500 Circulation
Wheelchair Rugby
2011 50p
BU Value £4
Circulation Value £2 +300%

Wheelchair Rugby
EAN: 5026177221---
22/07/2010 £2.99
Current Value £4 +34%
eBay for SaleeBay Sold

LEP: 20000
Wheelchair Rugby Coin Cover
18/01/2011 £9.95
Current Value £30 +202%
eBay for SaleeBay Sold

This 50p in Brilliant Uncirculated quality was included in these coin packs / sets: Wheelchair Rugby Wheelchair Rugby Coin Cover.

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Sales figures are from the Change Range website Olympic Sports Wheelchair Rugby 50p Coin Card page. Current values are based on recent sales excluding the cost of postage.