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Mr Jeremy Fisher 2017 Brilliant Uncirculated 50p Coin

Jeremy Fisher Royal Mint Presentation Folder
Jeremy Fisher Royal Mint Presentation Folder (Sealed Bag)

Is the Mr. Jerery Fisher 50p in circulation? Yes. The uncirculated version release date was the 5th of June 2017, so it is available to buy now.

Coin Hunter is a trusted name with a background in creating coin related applications and supplying circulation coins, we now also supply new sealed Brilliant Uncirculated coins from The Royal Mint.

Jeremy Fisher 50p Coin
Jeremy Fisher 50p Coin

The coin is encapsulated in 50p shaped plastic at the centre of the display folder. This protects the coin to ensure it is untouched and stays in brilliant uncirculated condition.

The folder opens out to reveal the obverse of the coin which shows Jody Clark's fifth portrait of the Queen. (shown below)

The coin displays a clockwise rotated section of Beatrix Potters image of Jeremy Fisher digging with a spade. If you look closely you can see the handle of the spade in his "hands".

A brilliant uncirculated Jeremy Fisher 50p is available for one seller without the presentation folder, in a plastic bubble on a small piece of card. This can be bought for £3.99 plus postage, but many collectors will only want the official presentation folder version. The cheaper carded version is often purchsed in bulk to be re-sold on eBay.

A frog called Mr Jeremy Fisher
A frog called Mr Jeremy Fisher

When opened, the folder contains much more than just the obverse of the coin. There is information on Beatrix Potter, the author and illustrator of The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher book, the designer of the coin Emma Noble as well as details about Jeremy Fisher and an extract from the book.

Like many of the characters from the little tales, Jeremy Fisher began life in a letter, which Beatrix wrote while holidaying on the River Tay in Scotland. She later created sketches of the little frog, called "A Frog he would a-fishing go", before developing them into a book published in 1906.

"The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher" follows a frog, in his waterproof mackintosh and galoshes, through his day of fishing adventures. Jeremy comes home without his galoshes, or the minnows he set out to catch, but is relieved not to end up as a trout's tea.

Emma Noble
Emma Noble

Royal Mint coin designer Emma Noble has created new designs for 2017 celebrating Peter Rabbit, Mr. Jeremy Fisher, Tom Kitten and Benjamin Bunny. She has put Beatrix Potter's illustrations to the forefront of her designs, reflecting the style of Beatrix's own illustrations.

Emma Noble, a member of The Royal Mint's team of engravers has been with The Royal Mint since 1997. She has drawn and carved the coin designs for all 9 Beatrix Potter coins. Once carved into plaster, they ase scanned to a computer and cut into steel to make the dies that strike the coins.

Read more about Emma's work in The Royal Mint blog article: Behind the design: The 2016 Beatrix Potter Series by Emma Noble

Jody Clark Obverse
Jody Clark Obverse

The coin obverse shows the fifth portrait of the Queen by Jody Clark.

This design first appeared on coins minted in 2015 and replaced the design by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS, which has been used from 1998 to 2015.

As the reverse of this coin simply shows the text MR. JEREMY FISHER and his image, the coin date and denomination are both shown on the obverse. It is expected that this coin will only be minted during 2017.

The initials JC for Jody Clark are just visible at the bottom of the design.

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