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Peter Rabbit 2017 Brilliant Uncirculated 50p Coin

Peter Rabbit Presentation Folder
Peter Rabbit Royal Mint Presentation Folder

The 2017 Brilliant Uncirculated Peter Rabbit 50p release date was the 3rd of April 2017, it is available to buy direct from The Royal Mint and from a number of other retailers now, see our price comparison table at the bottom of this page.

The 2017 set of 4 coins based on Beatrix Potter characters are being released as collector edition brilliant uncirculated versions before the standard coin designs enter circulation any time now. All coins are or will also be available as silver proof colour printed versions.

The release order of the coins as advised by The Royal Mint is: Peter Rabbit, Mr. Jeremy Fisher, Tom Kitten and finally Benjamin Bunny. When these coins appear in general circulation, it is very likely that people will keep hold of the coins as they find them in their change, as previous Beatrix Potter 50p coins haved proved very popular with the British public.

If the 2016 set of five 50 pence coins is a guide, the four 2017 coin designs will have different numbers minted with one perhaps being less common that the others (such as the 2016 Jemima Puddle-duck design which had less then half the number of other coins in the set with 2,100,000 minted).

With the 2016 Peter Rabbit 50p having the largest number of the set minted (9,600,000 coins) it may be that the 2017 coin will be the one from this new set with the lowest number of coins made for circullation.

Peter Rabbit 50p
Peter Rabbit 50p

Brilliant Uncirculated Peter Rabbit 50p Coin Specification

Alloy Cupro-nickel
Weight 8.00 g
Diameter 27.3 mm
Reverse Designer Emma Noble
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Year 2017
Release Date 3rd April 2017
How many 2017 Peter Rabbit 50p coins have been minted? Unknown
Peter Rabbit and his famous blue jacket
Peter Rabbit and his famous blue jacket

The adventurous hero of Beatrix Potter's first book was so popular that "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" would be the first in a series of 23 "small books for small hands".

The inquisitive bunny is no doubt the star of her little tales. Popping up if other stories including "The Tale of Benjamin Bunny", where we see a forlorn Peter wrapped in a red handkerchief after losing his jacket.

The mischievous rabbit in his iconic blue jacket became the emblem of Beatrix Potter's work. He was the inspiration for the first merchandise that was produced in Beatrix Potter's name – including a Peter Rabbit doll, ceramics, jigsaws and a "Peter Rabbit Race Game" marketed at the time as "full of fun and adventure" just like the book itself.

Peter Rabbit alongside his 2017 50p coin
Peter Rabbit alongside his 2017 50p coin
Seller Peter Rabbit 2017 Brilliant Uncirculated 50p Coin
(Royal Mint Presentation Folder)
The Royal Mint £10
The Westminster Collection Not Available
British Numismatic Treasury (BNT) £10 (Delivery time in about: 3-4 weeks)
Island Stamps and Coins £12
Chard £9
Coin Hunter £7.88 £8.95
The London Coin Company £19.95 Not Available £19.95

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