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How to use UK eBay full site not mobile on iPhone, iPad, android phone and tablets

To go to classic desktop website on your mobile, just tap the image at the top of the page. To always have easy access to the eBay non mobile website, bookmark this page.

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Open eBay FULL website

Please note that eBay can revert back to the mobile version when navigating the website, to ensure the full site is shown for all your search requests - you can use the full site desktop search.

When using a mobile device with a screen smaller than a desktop PC or laptop, mobile browsers such as Safari on iPhone or iPad report screen size when opening any website, so the website developers have the option to redirect to a mobile version of the site.

eBay mobile website

Search in Google UK for eBay and results will show on a desktop and on a smaller device such as a phone. If you type the domain directly into the browser address bar on a phone, eBay will automatically redirect you to

The eBay mobile version of the website does include a "Classic Site" link at the bottom of each page, switch to classic view to be redirected to the full version of the page you are on.

eBay full site
Switch from mobile website to the eBay full site classic desktop view on your phone or tablet

A querystring paremeter "redirect=mobile" is added when you request the eBay classic site view of a page, but this does tend to be forgetten when you navigate the website, so you will often be returned to mobile versions of pages.

Some of the pages are dynamic based on screen size, so even when viewing a page in classic view - the page will look like a mobile version on your phone, when it is still the full version of the page with items such as menus moved to make best use of available space.

Making the most of eBay sometimes requires access to all the features made available by a full site uk login, whether you sign in from your android mobile or iPhone you can eaisily navigate the ebay desktop version on a small screen by using pinch zoom and moving around the ebay desktop site page.

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