The Vintage Silver Sixpence

The Vintage Silver Sixpence
Brand: Royal Mint Limited
Product Code: UKGB15SS

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Royal Mint Product Description:

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue - the customary good luck accessories that no bride would be without on her big day, but few know that the rhyme ends --and a silver sixpence in your shoe'. Whether you are a blushing bride, a doting father or simply a loved one wanting to wish the bride a happy day and a prosperous lifetime ahead - the Vintage Silver Sixpence is a perfect traditional good luck token and timeless reminder of that special day.

About The Coin

No wedding would pass without the famous rhyme being used as a bride's essential checklist, but few know that each item on the list has special meaning and that over time one important element has been missed. Something old for continuity, something new for optimism, something borrowed for happiness, something blue for purity - and a silver sixpence tucked away for good fortune and hopes of a prosperous future.

No matter how contemporary weddings become, so many still enjoy the etiquette and traditions of a wedding day surrounded by friends and family as they gather to wish the happy couple well on their special day. This original vintage sixpence, is a lovely way to incorporate an age-old custom into the all-important wedding day preparations. Whether you are a bride searching for that last lucky touch to your outfit, a father-of-the-bride looking for a token for that special moment together before you leave for the ceremony or simply a loved one looking for an original gift, this Vintage Silver Sixpence complete with presentation box is the perfect solution.

Introduced in 1551 during the reign of Edward VI the sixpence or 'tanner', as it was affectionately known, has long been considered a lucky coin. At weddings the father of the bride would slip the coin into his daughter's shoe to wish her good fortune and prosperity, a tradition that many still want to incorporate in their weddings today.

No matter how many months of preparation have gone into the wedding, you can guarantee that every bride will have nerves on her big day. Every little token of love and luck is welcome - the Vintage Silver Sixpence, part of the elegant new 'Royal Mint Occasions' gift range, is an authentic good luck token that will stand the test of time.

Containing .500 silver, the sixpences contained in these stylish wallets were struck by The Royal Mint between 1920 and 1946, and feature the portrait of George V or George VI who reigned during this time. A special coin fit for a special occasion, the Vintage Silver Sixpence makes a beautiful and timeless keepsake of a magical day.

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