The 2013 UK Gold Brilliant Uncirculated Sovereign

The 2013 UK Gold Brilliant Uncirculated Sovereign
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Brand: Royal Mint Limited
Product Code: UKB13RN

Number Sold: 8243  | Sales figures courtesy of The Royal Mint 2013 Dated UK Commemorative Coin Sales

Royal Mint Product Description:Britain's premier coin, the famed Sovereign Bearing the classic George and the dragon for 2013

Over 500 years ago the first Sovereign was struck, intended to rival the best gold coins of Europe.  In 1817 it took pride of place in the recoinage of George III, reimagined by Benedetto Pistrucci. His classical George and the dragon was so highly regarded that it has appeared on the Sovereigns of every monarch since. The very first Sovereigns of Queen Elizabeth II's reign bore Pistrucci's St George, and 60 years after her coronation in 1953, the masterpiece returns.

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