Birmingham 2022 50p Coin Set

Gothic Crown Portrait 2021 5oz Silver Proof Coin

Gothic Crown Portrait 2021 5oz Silver Proof Coin
Limited Edition Presentation (LEP): 500 • Maximum Coin Mintage (MCM): 506

Release Date / Time: Monday 20th June 2022 9am (Queue Activation Time: Approx 8.30am)

*This button will become active just before 9am on 20th June 2022. Make sure your Royal Mint basket is empty before the release date and follow the instructions shown when you press the button.

5oz Silver Proof William Wyon Great Engravers Collection £10 Coin RRP £555.00 Limited Edition: 500 - Gothic Crown Portrait release 7th February 2022

The 4th coin in the Great Engravers collection. William Wyon was one of the greatest artists to have ever worked on British coinage.

Here at Coin Hunter we expect about 200 of the 500 5oz Silver Proofs to be available direct from The Royal Mint on release - as The Royal Mint supply some of the coins to authorised distributors and a number of coins were reserved by customers buying the 2021 Gothic Crown Quartered Arms.

The approximate current value of 5 ounces of pure silver is £87.50.

Denomination: £10
Alloy: 999 Fine Silver
Weight: 156.3g
Diameter: 65mm
Quality: Proof
Year: 2021