Downloadable e-book: UK Circulation 50p Coins

Downloadable e-book: UK Circulation 50p Coins

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This is a digital product - after purchase, the link to download your UK Circulation 50p Coins e-book will be sent immediately by email.

The file is in PDF format - there are 17 pages of content including full lists of all 50p coins that can be found in your change today.

Listed in release date order, each coin is displayed in a "colour coded card" which indicates the rarity based on mintage and shows the current value and official mintage figure where published by The Royal Mint. Click the following link to view a sample version of the UK Circulation 50p Coins e-book.

A second list shows all the 50p coins in highest value first order, this can help you easily spot the coins worth keeping. There are also coin set pages for Beatrix Potter and Paddington Bear as well as a section on the new King Charles III 50ps now in circulation.

A glossary of terms and abbreviations will help you fully understand the types of UK 50ps coins and why some coins are worth more than others.