2003 Womens Social and Political Union 50p [Circulated]

2003 Womens Social and Political Union 50p [Circulated]

Suffragettes 50p in Circulated condition, the coin you receive is placed in a small protective plastic wallet.

Please be aware that this 50p entered circulation in 2003, so will show contact marks and less shine than an Uncirculated coin. In the case of circulated 50ps, we only supply coins in good condition or better.

The coin reverse by Mary Milner Dickens shows the figure of a suffragette chained to railings and holding a banner on which appear the letters "WSPU", to the right a ballot paper marked with a cross and the words "GIVE WOMEN THE VOTE".

The Suffragettes 50p can be found in your change: 3,124,030 coins dated 2003 were struck to enter circulation.