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With less opportunity to receive real change to check as a result of contactless card payments and online shopping, we thought virtual change would be a good idea!

Login each day to receive your free virtual change packets containing £2 Coins, £1 Coins, and 50 Pence Coins. Change packets are emptied into your virtual hand for you to check. To find out which coins are rare or valuable, click any coin to see additional information.

The Coin Hunter App has two modes: daily and event.

When in daily mode, play online in a new coin hunt each day to find real coins for your collection.

Event mode: From time to time Coin Hunter runs week long competitions with prizes. There have been 5 of these events so far helping hundreds of coin collectors build their collections.

For further information, see these pages of information about the three most recent events.
Coin Hunter: Hunt#2 (9th May 2017 12:00:00 to 16th May 2017 11:59:59)
Coin Hunter: Hunt#3 (21st June 2017 12:00:00 to 27th June 2017 23:59:59)
Coin Hunter: Hunt#4 (20th September 12:00 midday to 27th September 12:00 midday)

How we create a virtual coin hunt using real coins, behind the scenes look at how the hunt is built.

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