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Great Fire of London £2 Coin

Two pound coin struck to mark the 350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of London
2016 £2 Coin Great Fire of London
2016 Great Fire of London £2 Coin [Circulated - Coin Hunter card]
2016 Great Fire of London £2 Coin [Circulated - Coin Hunter card]
2016 Great Fire of London Brilliant Uncirculated £2 [Royal Mint pack]
2016 Great Fire of London Brilliant Uncirculated £2 [Royal Mint pack]

£8.99 to £24.00 available now from the Coin Hunter Royal Mint Shop

Coin Rarity / Mintage

Circulation Mintage: 1,625,000
BU Mintage: 59,382

The Great Fire of London £2 Coin can be found in your change: 1,625,000 coins dated 2016 were struck to enter circulation.

This two pound coin was available to purchase in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) quality from release date: 07 November 2015. Total BU Mintage figures include 23,215 coins in Great Fire of London Royal Mint packs and 36,167 sold in other packaging such as sets / cards (official distributors).

Coin Value - How much is my Great Fire of London £2 coin worth?


The circulation (CIRC) £2 is worth £2.50. The Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) Great Fire of London £2 Coin was available from £8.99 on issue, in as new condition this BU £2 coin is worth about £17.

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The Great Fire of London by an unknown artist
The Great Fire of London by an unknown artist

On 2nd September 1666, a fire started at a bakery on Pudding Lane. Due to the closely-built, wooden houses, it spread quickly and was soon uncontrollable. It became necessary to demolish buildings to contain the fire and help prevent it from spreading further but 13,200 houses were amongst the buildings destroyed and much of London had to be rebuilt.

This coin marking the 350th anniversary of the event shows the burning city from the perspective of someone in a boat on the Thames, trying to escape as many did during the blaze. Designed by Aaron West, it depicts flames rising high above the city, capturing the drama of the situation, and the anniversary dates and 'The Great Fire of London' around the edge. The coin carries the 5th portrait obverse design by Jody Clark, and the edge inscription 'THE WHOLE CITY IN DREADFUL FLAMES'.

Coin Reverse (tails side)

A view across the River Thames of the City of London in flames with boats fleeing the burning city with the inscription "1666 THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON 2016"

Design by: Aaron West

Coin Obverse (heads side)

5th portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark with the inscription "ELIZABETH II • DEI • GRA • REGINA • FID • DEF •".

Coin Edge

The 2.5mm milled edge is inscribed with the text "THE WHOLE CITY IN DREADFUL FLAMES".

Coin Specification

Denomination: £2
Alloy: Cupronickel (inner) Nickel-Brass (outer)
Weight: 12g
Diameter: 28.4mm
Quality: CIRC / BU
Year: 2016

Coin condition and quality

The value of a coin is always related to the condition. A Great Fire of London £2 Coin in good circulated condition (A few small contact marks on the coin, but retains some original shine and most of the original design detail.) is more desirable to a collector than a worn down battered coin.

Prices shown on this page relate to coins created for circulation (CIRC) and coins available to buy in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) quality. These are coins produced to a higher standard that show more detail and have none of the marks and scratches that will be seen on all circulation quality coins.

Some coins made for circulation remain "Uncirculated" as they have been kept in or taken from the original sealed coin bag they were packed in after being sent out from The Royal Mint. These are still circulation quality coins - but may keep more of the orginal shine and have a few less contact marks.

Coins not in sealed bags or held in a collection out of the 1,625,000 coins struck, will now have been in circulation for 8 years.