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50p Guide Book 2024

Value and Mintage for UK Fifty Pence Coins

Every UK 50p coin listed in release date order and presented as colour coded coin cards, with warmer colours used to highlight rarer coins.

Check guide prices and mintage figures for fifty pence coins found in change and Brilliant Uncirculated commemorative coins, issued by The Royal Mint as for sale not circulated.

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The paperback version has a glossy cover with premium full colour printing on inside pages.

Dimensions: Near to A4 size at 21.59 x 27.94 cm (3mm thick)

ISBN-13: 978-1738579426 • Pages: 47

50p Guide Book 2024 - Value and Mintage for UK Fifty Pence Coins

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Example PDF Pages: 50p Lists

Click or tap coin pages to view a larger image and see more detail. The pages below show the start of the 50p list in release date order, part of the circulation 50p coins section.

Olympic Sports (London 2012); Pages 4 / 5

A printed copy is also available to purchase from Amazon.

In recent years, most 50p designs have not been needed for circulation. To make this guide clear and easy to navigate, there is a separate section for 50ps "Not Found in Change".

The ebook and the printed book are exactly the same in terms of content, both versions include all Royal Mint commemorative Brilliant Uncirculated designs for 50p coins not found in change.

Use the quick reference "highest value first" lists to spot the most valuable circulated and Brilliant Uncirculated fifty pence pieces. Go to page 17 to see which 50p coins found in change are worth the most and page 37 for high value Brilliant Uncirculated 50ps.

Star Wars / Not in Change 50p list in highest value first order; Pages 36 / 37

There are also pages showing 50p coin sets: Olympic Sports (London 2012), Beatrix Potter and Paddington Bear, plus not found in change: The Snowman, Innovation in Science, Tales of the Earth (Dinosaurs), Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Please note that this e-book includes security water marking on each coin list page. An opaque Coin Hunter logo image is shown at the top of each page and diagonally through the centre. Images and text can still be seen clearly.


Fifty pence pieces struck by The Royal Mint 1997-2024

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