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The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection

Like it, buy it - but beware if you "invest" for profit.

Are you buying Tudor Beast £5 coins because of the Queen's Beasts Black Bull of Clarence?

Have you signed up to a 10 coin series in the hope they will increase in value?

Whilst past performance is not an accurate guide when investing in stocks and shares - it should be considered when looking to the future value of coins.

NOT The Queen's Beasts Collection

The 2022 release of the Tudor Beast coins following the success of The Queen's Beasts series, should ring alarm bells for anyone who has ever considered their coin collection as an investment.

Historically, only a handful of £5 coins have increased in value - most notible is the 2018 Black Bull of Clarence £5 coin, with 17,763 sold - coins currently sell for £80-£120, towards the lower end for the Change Checker card (6,500 sold) and the upper range for Royal Mint packaging (11,263 sold).

New release £5 coins (such as those in the Tudor Beast collection) are now available from Change Checker and Koin Club from just £8.99. It is very unlikely we will see mintages as low as 17,763 for any £5 coin in this series.

Tudor Beasts: 2022 Lion of England £5 coin - worth £8.99 today, but mintage could be high.

£13.00 £8.99

For example: 65% more BU Peter Rabbit 50p's were struck in 2017 compared to the 2016 BU mintage - to meet demand from The Westmisnter Collection, direct cutsomers and other distributors. Mintage / sales figures have a direct relationship with future values. Since 2021, Koin Club are also able to order loose BU (Coin in Tubes) from The Royal Mint - further increasing the likely mintage figures for future coin releases whilst lowering initial retail sales values.

The Royal Mint Repeat

Just like The Queen's Beasts series, the first series of Beatrix Potter coins were a great success for The Royal Mint - and the increase in value of the limited edition 2016 Peter Rabbit Silver Proof was noticed by those "collecting" in the hope of a good profit.

This meant that the following year was perfect for a Royal Mint repeat - the 2017 Beatrix Potters including a new Silver Proof Peter Rabbit with a limited edition twice as high as the 2016 coin.

Customer who purchased the 2017 Silver Proof Peter Rabbit 50p from The Royal Mint for the issue price of £60 would lose 75% at the current selling price of £15.

£60.00 £15.00

The coins sold in massive numbers - the repeat was an even bigger success for The Royal Mint, but was worse than a stock market crash for those who bought with an eye on future value.

With comparatively high mintage numbers* on the precious metal coins and slow / disappointing sales of the Silver / Gold proof first coin - The Seymour Panther, it may be worth looking at the total cost of the 10 coin subscription you have signed up for.

If you really like the idea of a set of Tudor Beast £5 coins, buy them, display them and enjoy your collection.

If you're eying up future sale value and have no real love for the subject matter - it may be time to reassess your options.

How to cancel a subscription

Information as shown on The Royal Mint website: Please note prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in raw materials. If for any reason you wish to cancel your subscription to The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection, please inform us via email at

1oz Silver Proof Coin £95 (MCM: 7010 • LEP: 6000)
2oz Silver Proof Coin £185 (MCM: 2006 • LEP: 2000)
5oz Silver Proof Coin £465 (MCM: 306 • LEP: 300)