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Dinosaur 50p Coins

The Dinosaur Collection is a new series of 50p coins celebrating Britain's contribution to the discovery of dinosaurs.

On the 13th of February 2020 the first of 3 fifty pence coins was released by The Royal Mint as Brilliant Uncirculated, BU Colour, Silver Proof, Colour Silver Proof and Gold Proof.

The set will include:

Megalosaurus Dinosaur 50p Buckland 1824
Hylaeosaurus Dinosaur 50p Mantell 1833
Iguanodon Dinosaur 50p Mantell 1825

The Megalosaurus 2020 UK 50p Brilliant Uncirculated Colour Coin packaging will feature augmented reality giving access to some additional content.

The Dinosauria coin collection 50ps will not go into circulation.

Megalosaurus is the first of three 2020 Dinosaur 50p coins

Megalosaurus 2020 Dinosaur 50p [Royal Mint pack]
£10.00 £9.00
Condition: New
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