Coin Hunter

50p Coin Hunt

Type: Real World Circulation 50p (£1000)

A real coin hunt, where you can keep any find worth more than face value.

£3 per ticket (40 available) each ticket entitles you to check 50 coins - you can buy as many as you like.

You may order your top find at face value plus £1.99 postage. Any other finds can be ordered at £1 plus 25p postage each.

I guarantee that 2,000 real 50ps will be checked - with the coins found converted to a virtual bags of 50.

The coins you see are the same as the real coin hunt - so any 50p could be found and be yours, but as we see on video coin hunts - most coins will be definitive Britannia or Shield 50ps.

All the fun of the hunt with none of the hassle!

This is a Coin Hunter Facebook Group exclusive, to request tickets - please add a comment to the Facebook post.

I have not yet collected and checked the real coins, this will take place once all tickets are sold.

Cost to Enter: £3 per ticket.

Coin Count: A virtual bag of 50 per ticket.

Heads / Tails: Yes, coins will be shown randomly as tails or heads side up – to turn a coin over, swipe right to left on a phone or press any key on a computer keyboard.

Rotated Coins: No – all coins are shown the right way up automatically.

Territory Coins: Yes – if any UK territory coin is found - it will be in the hunt.

How to play

You will receive a link to your bag of 50p coins. If you have purchase more than 1 bag, your will receive a link for each bag.

Follow the link to see the pile of coins.

Tap or click a coin to move on to the next coin – swipe right to left (or press a key on a computer) to turn a coin over.

Note: You can check through your coins as many times as you like – simply click the link again or refresh your browser to re-check your coins.

To order your best find at face value plus £1.99 post and any other finds you need for your collection at £1 plus 25p postage each - follow the link shown after you have checked your coins.