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YouTube Coin Hunting Videos: UK CoinTubers including Dans Dollars and Christopher Collects

Join in The Great British Coin Hunt, watch pre-recorded and live UK coin hunts on YouTube. Available channels include Dans Dollars, M Collects, Christopher Collects, Bungle Collects Coins, Caledonian Coins, TenBob, Absolute Coins, MackemMoolah, LAFTA, Grosey Coin Hunts, Coins 2 Collect and Shaky's Coins.

Dans Dollars

Dans Dollars
Dans Dollars YouTube Channel
Dans Dollars
Subscribers: 37,100 • Videos: 10,799 (7,089,859 views)

Welcome to DANS DOLLARS. Coin Collecter and seeker of Rare Coins. I upload coin videos every day. 50p coin hunts and UK rare coin hunts are my favourite videos. I will upload coin values from coins all around the world to help you find the treasure in your change.
I will try my best to help my subscribers find coins and I will be doing WEEKLY giveaways as I appreciate everyone watching my channel. Thanks DANS DOLLARS

M Collects

M Collects
M Collects YouTube Channel
M Collects
Subscribers: 162 • Videos: 369 (24,693 views)

Welcome to M Collects - a channel which is dedicated to all those people for whom coins are a passion.

You will find here lots of content related UK and the whole world of coins. My target is to collect one of each UK decimal coin. I love territorial coins especially coins from the Isle of Man and Gibraltar.

I upload videos 7 days a week of regular coin hunts for 10p, 50p and £2 coins, but some videos are dedicated to small denominations and world coins as well. On Sunday there are special videos which I hope will help beginner collectors get some knowledge about coins. I am not an expert and as all we do, I learn something new every day, but I am happy to share with you the knowledge which I already have.

You can also follow me on Facebook, X and TicToc. Links to my social media and email down below:

X: M_Collects
TicToc: mcollects1985

Christopher Collects

Christopher Collects
Christopher Collects YouTube Channel
Christopher Collects
Subscribers: 82,700 • Videos: 2,271 (24,391,089 views)

Hello! I am Christopher Collects and this is my channel! I mainly focus on circulated coins and upload regular hunts where we look for coins with more than face value and also to complete collection sets!

My schedule is:
Monday - £2 hunt
Tuesday - £50p hunt
Wednesday - POBox, Unhuntables & Sundries
Thursday - £2 hunt
Friday - 50p hunt
Saturday - 10p hunt with Q&A
Sunday - Worldwide hunt

There are times where I will upload between and in addition to this schedule when I have a video or a special coin to show you.

I have a discord server you can join and get involved in the conversation by following this link:

You can also write to my PO Box: Christopher Collects, PO Box 4377, Swindon, SN4 4RL

Bungle Collects Coins

Bungle Collects Coins
Bungle Collects Coins YouTube Channel
Bungle Collects Coins
Subscribers: 5,320 • Videos: 1,039 (1,045,600 views)

Come and Join Bungle and Lady M hunting through coins!

We search through bags of UK 50p and £2 coins looking for the rare and valuable ones!

You can follow our adventures and see what coins we find as we upload at least 3 new videos a week

Watch us and feel free to interact with us, we love reading your comments

See you on our next coin hunt!

Caledonian Coins

Caledonian Coins
Caledonian Coins YouTube Channel
Caledonian Coins
Subscribers: 2,560 • Videos: 955 (445,489 views)

Scottish Cointuber


TenBob YouTube Channel
Subscribers: 531 • Videos: 734 (98,828 views)

I started collecting 50p's in June 2021. The name TenBob (Slang for 10 Shillings = 50p).
My Motto is "Sharing the Love & Luck" of Coin Hunting.
I will be donating some of my duplicate finds, UK & World coinage & Notes, Postcards & Stamps to good causes.
Donation Total to Date:- To CRUK - Running Total = £231.51 (Updated 05/01/23)
Running total £273.51 (Updated 26/09/2023)
My thanks to all who have donated
You can email me;
Instagram @tenbob21

Absolute Coins

Absolute Coins
Absolute Coins YouTube Channel
Absolute Coins
Subscribers: 26,900 • Videos: 666 (3,664,556 views)

The world of coins! A numismatic paradise!
Sharing my passion for coin collecting, by sharing my personal collection.
I often open my own coins from their packaging so that you never need to open yours!
Informative and historical videos.
Rare and Error coin videos.
Coin roll hunting videos.

Scheduled video drops every :-

Wednesday -12pm
Saturday - 9am

You can write to me via my PO Box at: Absolute Coins, PO BOX 720, Swansea, SA1 9QW


MackemMoolah YouTube Channel
Subscribers: 871 • Videos: 585 (134,334 views)

I'm a very low key coin collector, which I seriously started in Mid-January 2020. Along with my daughters, we together decided to collect Alphabet 10p's from 2018 & 2019, Commemorative £2 coins, along with Olympic 50p's and Commemorative 50p's. We are each trying to complete our own albums!! I normally upload coin hunts weekly, but may chuck a few others in now and again. Enjoy!!


LAFTA YouTube Channel
Subscribers: 10,200 • Videos: 582 (2,665,588 views)

Coin Hunter, coin collector, numismatist, call it what you want. I love coins, old coins, new coins, foreign coins, pre-decimal coins, even tokens!

On the channel we hunt 50ps and £2s from the Post Office and Bank. We are trying to collect all of the different designs! We are also trying to find as many different coins from around the world as possible.

We also have some banknotes on the channel now and again. As well as coin sets and silver coins from around the world.

We buy coins from antique shops and fairs, car boot sales and wherever we can.

Thanks for checking out my channel!

Grosey Coin Hunts

Grosey Coin Hunts
Grosey Coin Hunts YouTube Channel
Grosey Coin Hunts
Subscribers: 1,830 • Videos: 536 (235,424 views)

UK Coin Collecting Videos!

Coins 2 Collect

Coins 2 Collect
Coins 2 Collect YouTube Channel
Coins 2 Collect
Subscribers: 2,540 • Videos: 375 (318,031 views)

Hello and welcome to my channel, Coins 2 Collect... This channel is really for the novice coin collector, just getting started like myself. I'm learning on the job and will probably make many mistakes alone the way but thats part of the fun..!

Im new to coin collecting and I've fallen into it after watching the YouTube videos from Christopher Collects, he has really inspired me to make my own videos. Please go and check out his videos, he's always fun and informative.

Its all just a bit of fun, just looking to collect coins that are in circulation today and maybe some that where around when I was a kid..!

Email me at:
IG: trevs_coins2collect

Shaky's Coins

Shaky's Coins
Shaky's Coins YouTube Channel
Shaky's Coins
Subscribers: 597 • Videos: 173 (94,194 views)

Welcome to Shaky's Coins! Are you ready to hunt for some rare coins?

I'm Shaky, a novice coin collector based in the UK, and with the help of my daughter, LittleLoot, we'll be hunting for 50p and £2 coins as well as looking at coins and notes from my collection.