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Coin Hunter DigiCoin S1C4 - Flopsy Bunny 2018

Series 1, Coin 4 of 71 - Flopsy Bunny 2018

Created: 20/12/2021 • Released: 20/12/2021 • Status: Owner Assigned • Face Value: 0.5GBP

Coin Hunter DigiCoin S1C4

Owner Information

The DigiCoin image and all rights to this digital artwork belong to the current owner.

The actual coin in the image is held by Coin Hunter on your behalf. You own the actual coin whilst you own the DigiCoin - for this reason, the DigiCoin is always worth at least the face value of the coin or coins shown.

Your email address is your DigiCoin Key - certain actions will require email confirmation.

To sell your coin (transfer ownership) - send an email to the address shown in your original ownership email.

Coin Features

There is 1 digital code on this coin - zooming in and scanning a code will reveal the content.

Owner Benefits

None active at this time - at a future date the owner of this coin may be entitled to receive coin related discounts and offers.


The coin will be auctioned via the official DigiCoin market on the Coin Hunter website. Start price will be 1 bid above the current buy back value of 0.5GBP.

Auctions are active for 8 days - if no bids are received, you can transfer ownership back to Coin Hunter and receive the full buy back value - or keep the coin.

No reserve can be set - if a bid is received, the coin ownership will be transferred to the highest bidder at the end of the auction. The seller will receive the bid amount minus auction fees of 20% - subject to the seller receiving a minimum payment of the full buy back value.