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Isle of Man Poppy £2 coin color pack

Colour Poppy £2 Coin 1
Colour Poppy £2 Coin 2

Instructions to apply sticker

Colour Poppy £2 Coin Sticker
Please read all text before you start

Take the coin out of the packaging without touching it.

Locate 1 of the identifying points on the poppy as shown in the image.

Poppy identifying points

Peel the sticker and lower the identifying point onto the exact same point on the coin – hold the identifying point in place with your nail or tweezers whilst releasing the remainder of the sticker to line up with all other edges of the poppy – do not press it down yet.

If the poppy is not quite lined up – it should be possible to move it carefully with your nail or tweezers.

Once you are happy with the position – wearing a glove or with a clean cotton cloth press hard with your thumb on the middle of the poppy – perhaps gently twist your thumb to ensure the sticker is bedded in and shows the contours of the poppy petals from the coin.