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2004 Royal Marines Gibraltar - Siege of Sebastopol 1854

Royal Marines - Siege of Sebastopol 1854 50p
Royal Marines - Siege of Sebastopol 1854
2004 Gibraltar 50p Coin

How much is it worth?

2004 Collector Value: £150.00 is the average eBay sold price for 2004 Royal Marines - Siege of Sebastopol 1854 50p coins on eBay UK.

How rare is this coin?

Scarcity: Coins struck for Gibraltar since 1997 have been produced by Pobjoy Mint and Tower Mint. Coins may be struck for circulation and / or commemorative packaged products.

Mintage figures for Uncirculated packaged versions of the 2004 Royal Marines - Siege of Sebastopol 1854 50p are 250 coins.The Coin Hunter Scarcity Index for the 2004 Gibraltar 50p is 75 (0 very common to 100 very scarce).

Obverse Designer
Raphael David Maklouf

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Buy, swap or sell this coin

 Most Gibraltar circulation 50p coins are available to buy from eBay. When buying look to pay about £150.00 for a good condition example.
Buy a Gibraltar Royal Marines - Siege of Sebastopol 1854 50p on eBay for around £150.00 - This 50p coin is offered for sale on eBay, whether it is an example from circulation or a brilliant uncirculated / diamond finish coin struck in 2004.

Sell your Royal Marines - Siege of Sebastopol 1854 coin on eBay for £150.00 to receive £130.22 - The seller pays fees on eBay, final value fees on coins sold is 10% and PayPal fees are usually 2.9% + 30p. If you sell for £ (£151.00 including £1 postage) you will receive £130.22 after eBay fees of £15.10 and PayPal fees of £4.68 are deducted.

Join a Facebook Gibraltar coin group, use one of these templates to add a buy, swap or sell post to a group.
 Coin prices on Facebook groups tend to be lower than eBay as there is no 10% final value fee to pay. Coin groups are online communities of people with an interest in coins.
Buy: I'm looking for a 2004 Royal Marines - Siege of Sebastopol 1854 50p. If you have one available, please let me know a price for the coin and postage.

You should expect to pay about £140.11 plus cost price postage. If you're happy with the price and the seller will provide proof of posting (if not using a signed for postal service), ask the seller to comment on your post with a named and dated picture of the coin.

If the coin looks fine, you can then give your postal address and get their PayPal details in private messages.

Make a payment for the total including postage to the PayPal address given by the seller. A seller may ask for you to use PayPal Friends & Family (F&F), as there are no fees deducted from the total received by the seller. Always pay using PayPal Goods & Services (G&S) unless you have dealt with the seller before and trust them to send the coin.

Swap: I would like to do a coin swap. My available swap coins are shown in the picture, I am looking for a 2004 Royal Marines - Siege of Sebastopol 1854 50p. If you have one available to swap, let me know what you would like in exchange.

Add a picture to your post that clearly shows your swap coins next to a piece of paper showing your name and todays date (hand written).

If a fair swap and method of posting is agreed, you can then go to private message to exchange address details.

Sell: For sale: 2004 Royal Marines - Siege of Sebastopol 1854 50p. £140.11 PayPal F&F or £144.60 PayPal G&S (Including fees of 2.9% + 30p). Cost price post of your choice, proof of postage will be provided.

Add a picture to your post that clearly shows the actual coin you're selling, along with hand written name and date to prove you have the coin in hand.

Coin condition and quality

The value of a coin is always related to the condition. A Royal Marines - Siege of Sebastopol 1854 50p coin in good circulated condition (A few small contact marks on the coin, but retains some original shine and most of the original design detail.) will be worth more than a worn down battered coin.

Some Gibraltar 50p coins have also been available to buy in Diamond Finish (similar to Brilliant Uncirculated) quality. These are coins produced to a higher standard that show more detail and have none of the marks and scratches that will be seen on all circulation quality coins.

Some coins made for circulation remain "Uncirculated" as they have been kept in or taken from the original sealed coin bag they were packed in after being sent out from the producing mint. These are still circulation quality coins - but may keep more of the orginal shine and have a few less contact marks, which can make them more desirable to collectors.

The Royal Marines - Siege of Sebastopol 1854 50p coins not in sealed bags or held in a collection will have been in circulation on the peninsula of Gibraltar for 20 years.

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