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Handball 50p Coin

London 2012 50p Sports Collection - Handball

The Sports Collection Handball 50p was designed by Natasha Ratcliffe.

2011 mintage of 1676500 entered circulation to represent Handball being part of the London 2012 Olympics.

The Handball 50p coin is worth 50p but as a collectors item we value a good condition circulation London 2012 50p Sports Collection - Handball fifty pence at £2.15.

In a Royal Mint video interview with the Handball coin designer Natasha Ratcliffe, asked why did you choose handball for your design?, Natasha said: I’ve never played handball but when I’ve watched it people are jumping around and their arms are always high with so much action, they are always off the ground and it reminded me of sponge ball games when you are a kid, hurling balls at each other, very dynamic and I wanted to get that on the coin.

Handball gained permanent status as an Olympic sport in 1972. 7 people on each team play two 30 minute halves. Players can take 3 steps and then need to dribble the ball, goals are scored by throwing the ball into the net from outside a 6 meter zone.

Handball 50p - The Royal Mint display card 15

The Royal Mint London 2012 50p Sports Collection - Handball coin 15/29 LUK50HAN was priced at £2.99 when released, but since then the value has increased and it is now worth three times that amount.

The French team retained their gold medal at the London 2012 games. View the full London 2012 Handball results courtesy of

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