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London 2012 Olympic Sports 50p Coins Value List


How many Olympic 50p coins are there?
The Royal Mint minted 29 new 50p designs in 2011 to mark the 2012 London Olympics with a coin design for each Olympic sport.

How much is a full set of Olympic 50p coins worth?
Most of the designs sell to collectors for between £1 and £2. (Values for each coin are show on this page). Some of the lower mintage coins, such as Football, Judo, Triathlon and Wrestling can achieve £5 to £7. For a full set in good condition you should expect to pay £40 to £50 on eBay.

Who designed the coins?
The designs for the Olympic sports collection were submitted by the public in response to a competition run by The Royal Mint. So they coins have been "designed by the nation". 27 people had their designs selected including 2 people with 2 designs each. To find out more about each of the designers, click the link below each coin.

You can also find out more about the sport and the London 2012 results on these pages.

Olympic Aquatics 50p CoinOlympic Aquatics 50p
Circulation: 2,179,000
Guide Price
Olympic Archery 50p CoinOlympic Archery 50p
Circulation: 3,345,500
Guide Price
Olympic Athletics 50p CoinOlympic Athletics 50p
Circulation: 2,224,000
Guide Price
Olympic Badminton 50p CoinOlympic Badminton 50p
Circulation: 2,133,500
Guide Price
Olympic Basketball 50p CoinOlympic Basketball 50p
Circulation: 1,748,000
Guide Price
Olympic Boccia 50p CoinOlympic Boccia 50p
Circulation: 2,166,000
Guide Price
Olympic Boxing 50p CoinOlympic Boxing 50p
Circulation: 2,148,500
Guide Price
Olympic Canoeing 50p CoinOlympic Canoeing 50p
Circulation: 2,166,500
Guide Price
Olympic Cycling 50p CoinOlympic Cycling 50p
Circulation: 2,090,500
Guide Price
Olympic Equestrian 50p CoinOlympic Equestrian 50p
Circulation: 2,142,500
Guide Price
Olympic Fencing 50p CoinOlympic Fencing 50p
Circulation: 2,115,500
Guide Price
Olympic Football 50p CoinOlympic Football 50p
Circulation: 1,125,500
Guide Price
Olympic Goalball 50p CoinOlympic Goalball 50p
Circulation: 1,615,500
Guide Price
Olympic Gymnastics 50p CoinOlympic Gymnastics 50p
Circulation: 1,720,813
Guide Price
Olympic Handball 50p CoinOlympic Handball 50p
Circulation: 1,676,500
Guide Price
Olympic Hockey 50p CoinOlympic Hockey 50p
Circulation: 1,773,500
Guide Price
Olympic Judo 50p CoinOlympic Judo 50p
Circulation: 1,161,500
Guide Price
Olympic Modern Pentathlon 50p CoinOlympic Modern Pentathlon 50p
Circulation: 1,689,500
Guide Price
Olympic Rowing 50p CoinOlympic Rowing 50p
Circulation: 1,717,300
Guide Price
Olympic Sailing 50p CoinOlympic Sailing 50p
Circulation: 1,749,500
Guide Price
Olympic Shooting 50p CoinOlympic Shooting 50p
Circulation: 1,656,500
Guide Price
Olympic Table Tennis 50p CoinOlympic Table Tennis 50p
Circulation: 1,737,500
Guide Price
Olympic Taekwondo 50p CoinOlympic Taekwondo 50p
Circulation: 1,664,000
Guide Price
Olympic Tennis 50p CoinOlympic Tennis 50p
Circulation: 1,454,000
Guide Price
Olympic Triathlon 50p CoinOlympic Triathlon 50p
Circulation: 1,163,500
Guide Price
Olympic Volleyball 50p CoinOlympic Volleyball 50p
Circulation: 2,133,500
Guide Price
Olympic Weightlifting 50p CoinOlympic Weightlifting 50p
Circulation: 1,879,500
Guide Price
Olympic Wheelchair Rugby 50p CoinOlympic Wheelchair Rugby 50p
Circulation: 1,765,500
Guide Price
Olympic Wrestling 50p CoinOlympic Wrestling 50p
Circulation: 1,129,500
Guide Price
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