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Table Tennis 50p Coin

London 2012 50p Sports Collection - Table Tennis

The Sports Collection Table Tennis 50p was designed by Alan Linsdell.

2011 mintage of 1737500 entered circulation to represent Table Tennis being part of the London 2012 Olympics.

The Table Tennis 50p coin is worth 50p but as a collectors item we value a good condition circulation London 2012 50p Sports Collection - Table Tennis fifty pence at £1.76.

Table Tennis at Sports Direct
Table Tennis England

Join London 2012 Sports Challenge and take part in Table Tennis. Find a club or learn more from Table Tennis England. Take a look at the range of equipment for Table Tennis at Sports Direct.

In a Royal Mint video interview with the Table Tennis coin designer Alan Linsdell, asked why did you choose table tennis for your design?, Alan said: Well I started playing table tennis when I was eight and carried on until I was twenty eight and now I’ve switched to badminton actually but I was really keen on it while I was playing it and I played competitively for a team for about three years as well and I played badminton for a very long time as well, nearly thirty years but I had to stop playing that because I developed a heart problem so then I went back to playing table tennis so when this competition came up table tennis was the sport I was playing again so it was the first sport that I thought of.

Table Tennis made its Olympic debut at Seoul 1988. The first player to score 11 points wins each game based on best of 7 games for singles and best of 5 for team matches.

Table Tennis 50p - The Royal Mint display card 22

The Royal Mint London 2012 50p Sports Collection - Table Tennis coin 22/29 LUK50TBL was priced at £2.99 when released, but since then the value has increased and it is now worth three times that amount.

China has long dominated the sport and took all 4 Table Tennis gold medals at London 2012. View the full London 2012 Table Tennis results courtesy of

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