Coin Hunter Coin Foam

Coin Hunter Coin Foam can securely store your collection of £2 or 50p coins.

Use the Coin Foam Sheets to create your own coin album or to create a display of your collection.

Many coin albums use plastic wallets and a ring binder or book style cover. The main problem with this type of album is that the heavy coins pull the thin plastic out of shape when turning pages and droop when storing the album upright.

With a few Coin Foam Sheets you can easily create your own unique album and keep your coins safe and secure in a folder design or colour of your choice. If you fancy a change from a dark blue ring binder with coins and branding all over the front cover, this may be right for you.

These are a few ideas on how you could use coin foam to create an album or display.

Coin Hunter Coin Foam A4

The foam is dense, 5mm thick and quite rigid to give your page of coins structure. Each page has 20 holes cut to a size that will hold £2 coins and 50p coins.

Ring Binder Coin Album

The foam can be placed into standard A4 puched pockets to create a simple ring binder album.

Slide Binder Coin Folder

1 sheet of A4 foam can be used to create a 20 coin display folder.

Display Book Coin Album

Display books include plastic pockets, so just slide the coin foam sheets in. 4 used in this example (Display book £1.50 from Wilko) make an 80 coin album.

Arc Notebook Coin Album

With an Arc Notebook, peel off the coin foam sticky back and stick sheets onto dividers.

Frame Coin Display

Use a A4 clip frame or certificate frame to display your coins on the wall or any surface.

A2 Coin Display

Coin foam sheets can be cut smaller or put together to make a big coin display. Put 4 together and place or stick onto an A2 frame or canvas.

Using Coin Foam

The first version of coin foam is A4 sticky backed.

If you need to stick coin foam down, carefully pinch the corner of the white backing and slowly peel to ensure the glue mesh stays in place. Just grabbing a corner an pulling can start to peel the glue mesh.

If you would like to cut a smaller section of coin foam, carefully use a stanley knife and metal ruler for the best results.


What is coin foam made of?
This information will be added soon

Is coin foam (and the glue) made of archive safe material that will not damage my coins?
This information will be added soon

Is an A5 version of coin foam available?
Not at the moment

Is there a rignt and wrong way up?
Any way is the right way up, both portrait and landscape and the holes have been placed the same distance from the edges.

Is there a non sticky back version available?
Not at the moment, this is being worked on now.

Is there a thinner version available as 5mm means my coins are low in the holes?
Not at the moment, this is being worked on now.

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