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The Royal Mint Coin Authentication Letter

Check its genuine, send £1, £2, 1p-50p error coins to The Royal Mint Museum

The Royal Mint can authenticate an error coin and issue a letter describing their findings.

The coin would need to be sent to The Royal Mint Museum for inspection and analysis, the cost of this service is £20 per coin. (Note that the Royal Mint Museum do not provide valuations)

The letter on headed and watermarked paper is quite generic and does not have any direct association with a specific error coin, there are no images of the coin on the letter that would identify the actual coin being described.

Letters could be easily faked and with no unique reference assigned to each coin - there is no way to cross check legitimacy as there is no Royal Mint Error Coin Submission central database.

Coin Hunter Error Coin Appraisal (UK Royal Mint Decimal Coins)

Coin Hunter also offers an error coin authentication service which includes a valuation for your coin (Auction Range Estimate).

There is no need to risk the loss of your coin by sending it in the post, submission is via emailed images.

The service offered by The Royal Mint also requires submission of images before you send the coin - it can take a long time to receive your coin and the letter back, most letters seem to start with "I am sorry for the delay".

The Coin Hunter appraisal is fast (48 hours), accurate and cost effective at just £2.99 per coin (85% less than The Royal Mint).

To find out more, please read the information on the UK Error Coins page.

If your coin is a genuine Royal Mint produced error - a Coin Hunter headed letter in PDF format will be sent to your email address, it will describe the error and show images of the actual coin.

The letter will also show a unique verification code for your coin, this code is linked to a record in the Coin Hunter Error Coin Submission central database. The legitimacy of all letters can then be checked, providing confidence and reassurance to buyers, if you choose to sell your Royal Mint error coin.

Information from The Royal Mint Museum Ask an Expert website page:

If you would like to submit a coin or medal for authentication, in the first instance please send photographs and a description to us using the general enquiries form at the bottom of this page We suggest you read our FAQs for answers to general questions.

Please note: The Museum does not provide valuations for your coins or medals.

We will look at your request and if appropriate we will invite you to send your coin or medal to us for examination. There is a charge of £20 for the examination of decimal coins.