Coin Hunter

huntcoin (HC) is a digital coin

Digital coin huntcoin (HC) are not cryptocurrency like bitcoin but do share some similarities.

You hunt for newly minted coins* in the Coin Hunter web app. (instead of mining)

You can't buy HC - you can only earn or find coins. (You can trade your existing Coin Hunter DigiCoins for huntcoins)

huntcoin (HC) value / mintage



How many huntcoin do you have in your wallet.

Market cap:

On the launch date (4th July 2022) - huntcoins were minted with a starting value of £0.50 - you can sell your coins at the current price or hold on to them.

The price of each HC is variable and dependent on a number of factors - the value of any coins you hold can go up or down.

*New coins are minted at random times, these will be available for anyone using the app to find. The app will also include partner offers, Coin Hunter's will earn rank by completing a task or making a purchase. Players with higher rank will have a better chance of finding the newly minted huntcoins.