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Free Coin Collection Valuation – Inheritance / Probate or Insurance

If you own or have inherited a valuable coin collection – Coin Hunter is here to help you with the current value and provide advice if you're looking to sell.

The first thing to note is that there are 2 very different types of valuation – an insurance value is the cost to replace the collection whilst a probate valuation is an estimate of the amount the collection would realise if offered for sale (normally as lots rather than as a whole collection).

Due to the specialist nature of coins (numerous types, variations and grades), any valuation of a notable collection should be carried out by an expert.

Probate Valuation of Coins

An accurate valuation is particularly important when an inherited coin collection will become subject to inheritance tax as part of a deceased estate.

The use of an insurance valuation or any over-estimation of value could result in an increased (and incorrect) Inheritance Tax (IHT) liability.

Coin Collection Valuation for Insurance

The total cost to replace every coin in a collection is a best estimate that will change over time.

If the estimate is too low so your specialist insurance policy doesn't reflect the actual cost of replacement, you could lose out in the event that anything happens to your collection.

If a few years have passed since the valuation for insurance was carried out – it is likely that values of the coins in your collection have changed and hopefully increased.

It is important to keep track of values and keep your insurer updated with any changes. An out of date valuation could result in a lower settlement should anything happen that results in a claim.

The Gold Standard in valuing a coin collection

If you are looking for a valuation from trusted coin experts that dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s – there is only one company who offers what we here at Coin Hunter call the whole package.

In the case of an active collection – the valuation report or collection catalogue dynamically changes as you acquire new coins, sell individual items and even as values change.

Should you choose to sell the collection or an item based on the current valuation(s) in your collection catalogue – items can be entered into auction with a discounted seller commission.

Your collection catalogue will never be out of date and will be available for your family in the event of your death.

We understand how personal and meaningful your collection is, so you can also include an expression of wishes to those who inherit your collection - to be read in conjunction with your will.

If there is no active collection catalogue at the time the owner of the coin collection dies – the family can select from two options.

If they wish to keep the collection – an inactive collection catalogue that continues to track value changes can be produced which will include insurance and probate valuations.

If they wish to sell the collection a probate valuation will be provided with information about entering the collection as individual lots into auction with a discounted seller commission.

A lasting memory

If the family would like to own a memorial auction catalogue which includes text and images of the collection owner (supplied by the family) along with the auction lots made up of just the coins in the collection – this can be prepared as part of the auction process.

A fitting dedication to the time and effort taken to build the collection and the joy of owning the coins, as well as provenance marking the coins journey on to future custodians.

Selling a coin collection

If you have a collection catalogue – simply follow the steps shown to consign your collection to the right specialist auction for your coins.

If you wish to sell a coin collection, please follow the link. If the collection would be expected to achieve more than £10,000 – your valuation will be free and you will also have the option of commissioning a collection catalogue.