Coin Hunter Coin Dealer Directory Example

Coin Dealer Directory listing: is not shown in the Coin Hunter home page Dealer Directory section. is shown in the main Coin Dealer Directory list based on region location and alphabetical order.

Note: Premium listings are shown above all standard listings and include a logo image.

Coin Dealer Directory regional maps location pin is shown on the London Coin Dealer map with standard contact details when clicked (no logo image).

Coin Dealer Directory city pages and maps

Note: Any Premium listing Coin Dealers within 50 miles (straight line) of a location are shown at the top of this page. Other results are shown based on distance in closest first order.

Most of the city pages in the Coin Dealer Directory appear at or near the top Google search results. Click a Google search link to see actual results for a city based coin dealer search. features on the 5 city pages shown below. location pins are shown on the city maps - see the [Locations of Coin Dealers shown in Google maps] section on each page.

Coin Dealer Chelmsford

Search Google for: Coin Dealer Chelmsford. is shown (30 of 44) on the Coin Dealers Chelmsford page. is about 32 miles from Chelmsford in a straight line.

Coin Dealer Luton

Search Google for: Coin Dealer Luton. is shown (33 of 41) on the Coin Dealers Luton page. is about 36 miles from Luton in a straight line.

Coin Dealer Reading

Search Google for: Coin Dealer Reading. is shown (37 of 47) on the Coin Dealers Reading page. is about 39 miles from Reading in a straight line.

Coin Dealer Brighton

Search Google for: Coin Dealer Brighton. is shown (9 of 36) on the Coin Dealers Brighton page. is about 40 miles from Brighton in a straight line.

Coin Dealer Worthing

Search Google for: Coin Dealer Worthing. is shown (12 of 40) on the Coin Dealers Worthing page. is about 43 miles from Worthing in a straight line.

Coin Dealer Directory page:

Note: Clicking any of the links in any of the coin dealer lists or maps shown above opens the page in the Coin Dealer Directory.

The standard free listing page shows adverts, some limited information about and the Coin Dealer finder at the top of the page.

Updated 26/04/2022 - the free listing pages now show a Coin Hunter email address (premium listings show direct email where available) - emails received are forwarded to the dealer with some information about the directory where the customer found the listing.

The Coin Dealer finder

The Coin Dealer finder simply asks the customer if they want to buy or sell - online or in person (location used) - and then asks them to tick any that apply from Decimal, Pre Decimal (Milled), Hammered, Ancient, Precious Metal, Tokens, Medals, Foreign (World) and Notes.

Relevant results are selected to best meet the customer requirement from the set of Premium listings in the directory - if no matches are found, standard listings are returned (maximum of 20 relevant results per search).

Note: Coin Dealer finder results show location, contact information and website links.

Premium listing for

To see what the page in the Coin Hunter - Coin Dealer Directory would look like as a Premium listing - click the link below.

Additional Premium listing benefits:

A Coin Dealer Directory Premium listing costs £10 per month - available as a 3 months subscription for £30 or save money with an annual subscription for £100 (2 months free).