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COINOPOLY: How to win when buying new release coins from a monopoly

The Mint (or the banker as we will call them), want as much of your money as possible, after all, they are a business with HM Treasury as the shareholder.

You want at least a fair deal, but a good deal or bargain are what you're really looking for.


The key to building a value for money collection when it comes to coins, is often patience - as the majority of new releases lose value whilst they are still in stock with the banker.

As we know, buying one BU pack online on release date with standard delivery will cost £13, with the banker making a very good profit on the coin and the delivery cost.

Royal Air Force Centenary £2 coin
£10.00 £8.00
Condition: New

How to beat the banker

COINOPOLY players can save £100,000* on each BU pack released.

As an example let's go back in time to the 5th of March 2018 when the Royal Air Force Centenary £2 coin was released.

In July 2018 (just 4 months later) the coin pack was 20% off with the voucher code DSC155.

In August 2019 the coin pack was still available, £2 off (£8) with the voucher code DSC303 (20% off RAF Coin Orders).

2020 Captain Cook £2 coin
£10.00 £9.00
Condition: New

Cut price recent releases

Discounts are available now on coin packs released this year and last year. 25% OFF using code: DSC333 or 10% OFF using code: WELCOME10

  • 2019: £8 for Wallace and Gromit 50p Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Pack
  • 2019: £8 for The Gruffalo and Mouse 50p Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Pack
  • 2019: £8 for Peter Rabbit 50p Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Pack
  • 2020: £9 for Captain Cook £2 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Pack
  • 2020: £9 for 75th Anniversary of VE Day £2 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Pack
2020 Agatha Christie £2 coin
Condition: New

Top players always consider delivery cost. If delivery is 30% of the total basket amount, don't buy it - wait until you have other coins you wish to buy as there will very likely be offers in the future* - perhaps even free delivery with a price discount.

*You have nothing to lose even if there is no offer, as RRP and delivery cost are unlikely to increase.

The NEW Agatha Christie £2 Coin Pack is released on Monday 14th of September - please be patient, do not buy this coin pack yet and pay the expensive delivery charge for 1 coin. Wait and watch the Facebook coin groups for a good deal or a bargain on this coin.

Don't forget that wholesalers sell BU packs as low as £5 net of VAT - so look for discount codes and support trusted Facebook sellers, to get the same coin at a better price with cheaper delivery too.

If you look upon buying new releases as a game, where the banker is not your friend and can be beaten - your coin investment will go much further, a bigger collection for the same money or more profit / less loss if you choose to sell.

* £100,000 estimate is based on average numbers of 2017 50p and £2 coin pack sales via The Royal Mint website and other sales channels.

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