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AMR Coins

AMR Coins

English hammered coins from Anglo-Saxon to Charles II and milled coins from Charles II to the 20th century

AMR Coins based in Yorkshire run an online coin shop, selling direct from the website Milled and hammered coins for sale from AMR Coins such as the Penny, Half Crown, Shilling, Groat, Sixpence, Crown, Sovereign, Florin, and Half Penny are listed on Coin Hunter. Established in 2010 AMR Coins is a member of the British Numismatic Trade Association and has been trading for 8 years.

AMR Coins
Please mention Coin Hunter when getting in contact
Contact Name Martin Roberts
Location Yorkshire
Shop Address N/A
Contact Address PO Box 352, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS19 9GG
Phone 07527 569308
Contact Form / Email AMR Coins
info [at]
Coins for sale listed online Yes
Website AMR Coins
Discount Codes No
Buys Coins Yes

If you live near Yorkshire and wish to sell your coin collection, AMR Coins are interested in buying coins. Martin Roberts can be contacted via the website, by email or by phone.

AMR Coins have about 297 milled and hammered coins for sale from 1016 to 1937.

A small selection of the silver, gold, copper, and bronze coins currently available from AMR Coins are shown below. To see more visit the AMR Coins website or use the Coin Hunter Coin Finder to search and filter available coins.

George II (1727-1760) Silver Crown Old bust, 1750, about extremely fine
AMR Coins
Henry II (1154-1189) Silver Penny Tealby, Class F
AMR Coins
Edward VII (1901-1910) Silver Halfcrown 1908, bare head, reverse crowned shield in garter, nearly extremely fine
AMR Coins
Victoria (1837-1901) Silver Shilling Type A6, third head, 1872, uncirculated
AMR Coins
Regini Gold Quarter Stater Sills Insular Cf, extremely rare
AMR Coins
William IV (1830-1837) Silver Groat Bare head, 1836
AMR Coins
James II (1685-1688) Silver Sixpence 1687, later shields
AMR Coins
Charles II (1660-1685) Silver Crown Third draped bust, 1676, virtually extremely fine
AMR Coins
George V (1910-1936) Gold Sovereign 1918, Canada
AMR Coins

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