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Rare Coins and Tokens

Rare Coins and Tokens

Rare coins, tokens, medals and banknotes

Rare Coins and Tokens run an online coin shop, selling direct from the website A wide range of well over 1,500 budget to extremely rare coins and tokens are offered, ranging from ancient through to the present day, specializing in 17th century tokens. New material is added on a regular basis.

Rare Coins and Tokens
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Contact Name Glen
Location Herefordshire
Shop Address N/A
Phone 01531 670214
Contact Form / Email Rare Coins and Tokens
glen [at]
Coins for sale listed online Yes
Website Rare Coins and Tokens
Discount Codes No
Buys Coins Yes

Rare Coins and Tokens are interested in buying coins. Glen can be contacted via the website, by email or by phone.

A small selection of the silver, bronze, and copper coins currently available from Rare Coins and Tokens are shown below. To see more visit the Rare Coins and Tokens website or use the Coin Hunter Coin Finder to search and filter available coins.

New Malton, Michaell Pennocke 1666 halfpenny Obv: (sexfoil)MICHAELL.PENNOCKE: around beaded inner circle, Vintner's Arms within. Rev: (sexfoil)OF.NEW.MALTON.1666: around beaded inner circle, HIS...
Rare Coins and Tokens
George V, 1914 halfcrown EF George V 1914 sterling .925 silver halfcrown: Obv: GEORGIVS V DEI GRA: BRITT: OMN: REX head left, B.M. on truncation. Rev: FID: DEF: IND: IMP: HALF....
Rare Coins and Tokens
George I, 1719 dump issue farthing Obverse: GEORGIVS REX (large lettering), around laureate bust of George I facing right. Reverse: BRITAN NIA. , Britannia seated wi8th shield, facing...
Rare Coins and Tokens
Queen Victoria, 1872 sixpence die no. 74 Queen Victoria 1872 sixpence type A3 die no. 74: Obv: VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITANNIAR: REG: F: D: , second head left. Rev: SIX PENCE within wreath,...
Rare Coins and Tokens
Charles I halfcrown mm(R) Charles I Tower mint under parliament halfcrown mm (R) 1644-5: Obv. (R).CAROLVS D:G:MAG:BRI:FRA:ET.HIB:REX. - Charles by the grace of God King of...
Rare Coins and Tokens
1885 Indian Head cent / penny Obverse: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1860 around Indian Head left, LIBERTY on headdress. Reverse: Oak wreath with shield device around, ONE CENT, in two...
Rare Coins and Tokens
George I, 1722 unrecorded error farthing George I, R over inverted R in "REX" 1722 farthing: Obv: GEORGIVS . REX. , laureate bust of George I facing right, R over inverted R in "REX"....
Rare Coins and Tokens
Queen Anne, 1714 roses and plumes shilling Obv: ANNA. DEI. GRATIA. Fourth draped bust left; deeply engraved "hairnet" effect. Rev: 14.MAG.BRI.FR ET.HIB REG.17 "After Union reverse"; four...
Rare Coins and Tokens
Ireland Armstrong and Legge's 1682 Regal halfpenny Charles II, Armstrong and Legge's Regal Coinage, Copper Halfpenny 1682: Obv: CAROLVS.II DEI.GRATIA laureate draped and cuirassed bust of Charles...
Rare Coins and Tokens
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