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How much is the Brunel Engineer £2 coin worth?

Brunel Engineer £2 is worth £2.80

Value and sell this £2 coin

For valuation purposes, the Brunel Engineer £2 is known as a Face Value (FV) coin, as the collector value is close the the coin face value of 2 pounds when selling costs are taken into account.

Selling on eBay: If sold on eBay for the current high end estimate of £2.90 plus cost price postage, you would receive about £2.38 after eBay fees of £0.39 and PayPal fees of £0.13 are deducted.

2006 Isambard Kingdom Brunel Engineer £2 coins have been in circulation for 18 years, so will be in used condition. A 2006 circulated coin in excellent condition can achive a higher price, Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) versions of this coin will sell for significantly more.

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