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2012 Charles Dickens 2 Coin

Charles Dickens 2 is worth 2.70

How much is it worth?

Collector Value: £2.70 is a mid-point price for 2012 Charles Dickens 2 coins marked as sold on eBay UK. The price range for a good condition circulated example of this 2 coin is between £2.50 and £2.95.

Values shown are based on recent sold eBay items, click this link for a live coin value for this coin.

Value and sell this 2 coin

For valuation purposes, the Charles Dickens 2 is known as a Face Value (FV) coin, as the collector value is close the the coin face value of 2 pounds when selling costs are taken into account.

Selling on eBay: If sold on eBay for the current high end estimate of £2.95 plus cost price postage, you would receive about £2.42 after eBay fees of £0.40 and PayPal fees of £0.13 are deducted.

2012 Charles Dickens 2 coins have been in circulation for 12 years, so will be in used condition. A 2012 circulated coin in excellent condition can achive a higher price, Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) versions of this coin will sell for significantly more.

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Coin Hunter Premium Circulated Charles Dickens 2 Coin

Buy Premium Circulated from Coin Hunter

To order a Premium Circulated Circulated 2012 Charles Dickens 2 Coin in an exclusive Coin Hunter card for £4.99, click the add to basket button.

This is a circulated quality 2 coin that only has light circulation contact marks, selected good condition coins are cleaned to a high shine and sealed in a Coin Hunter card measuring 85mm x 61mm. The re-finished premium circulated coin is protected by a plastic blister, to keep the coin in the best possible condition.

Quality:Premium Circulated
Item weight:12g
Product code:CC12CDICCH

Specification; Charles Dickens 2 Mintage and Errors

The heads side of the coin is known as the Obverse, the tails side showing is known as the Reverse. The edge is milled (vertical line indented) with an inscription that reads SOMETHING WILL TURN UP.

Alloy (Inner)
Alloy (Outer)
Reverse Designer
Matthew Dent
Obverse Designer
Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS
Mintage Figure

How rare is this coin?

Scarcity: 8,190,000 Charles Dickens 2 coins were minted showing the date 2012. The coins not held in private collections can be received as change today, accounting for about 1 in 99 of the two pound coins in circulation.

No mint errors for this coin have been confirmed by The Royal Mint.

2 Coin Error: Writing upside down: SOMETHING WILL TURN UPWriting upside down: SOMETHING WILL TURN UP

Writing upside down: SOMETHING WILL TURN UP

The inscription on the edge of the Brunel Paddington Station 2 coin reads "SOMETHING WILL TURN UP". The writing is upside down when the coin is heads side up.

This is NOT a minting error

2 Coin Error: Heads side: missing / misaligned dotsHeads side: missing / misaligned dots

Heads side: missing / misaligned dots

On the obverse (heads) side of the coin, there are small raised dots around the edge of the silver coloured section.

On some Charles Dickens 2 coins these dots may be offset, so for example - they may appear away from the edge above the Queens head and be very close the the edge or missing from the opposite side (below the Queens neck).

This is common on all two pound coins minted before 2015 and is not considered a minting error.

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