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Circulated 2010 Florence Nightingale 2 Coin

2010 Florence Nightingale 2 Coin [Circulated]

Circulated Coin

The Florence Nightingale 2 coin marked the 100th anniversary in 2010 of the Death of Florence Nightingale. The design by Gordon Summers shows the hand of a patient being held by a nurse whilst checking a pulse. The two pound coin is circulated and protected in a small plastic wallet.

If you need this £2 for your coin collection and you have not found one checking your change, you can now buy this circulated quality coin for £4.29 from Coin Hunter.

What do we mean by circulated quality? This is a coin created by The Royal Mint for circulation, the same as the £2 coins you find in your change. The coin will have been used, but we only select coins in very good condition and securely pack each one in a plastic coin wallet for delivery.

Item weight:10g
Product code:CC10FLON
Product ID:9001498309
2010 Florence Nightingale 2 Coin [Coin Hunter card]

Premium Circulated Coin

The two pound coin is circulated and protected by a plastic blister inside a sealed Coin Hunter card measuring 85mm x 61mm.

Quality:Premium Circulated
Item weight:12g
Product code:CC10FLONCH
Product ID:3712490700853
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