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2017 Isaac Newton 50p [Uncirculated]

2017 Isaac Newton 50p [Uncirculated]

The Isaac Newton 50p marked the 375th anniversary of his birth. The design by Aaron West represents one of Newton's theories showing the Sun at the centre and three ellipses as the orbits of different planets. The fifty pence piece is uncirculated and protected in a small plastic wallet.

The Isaac Newton 50p coin can be found in your change, 1,800,000 coins entered circulation dated 2017.

This coin was designed by Aaron West and features a portrait of the Queen by Jody Clark.

If you need this 50p for your coin collection and you have not found one checking your change, you can now buy this uncirculated quality coin for £4.99 from Coin Hunter.

What do we mean by uncirculated quality? This is a coin created by The Royal Mint for circulation, but the coin never entered circulation. Your 50p coin is taken directly from the first sealed bag it was placed in after minting and put into a protective plastic coin wallet. Uncirculated coins are shiny, but will have a few contact marks where they have knocked against other coins in production and transit.

Item weight:10g
Product code:UC17INEW
Product ID:3683950755893

About Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was born on the 25th of December 1642 in Lincolnshire, England. He was a mathematician, astronomer, and physicist. He was best known for formulating the laws of motion and his mathematical description of gravity. He was Master of the Royal Mint between 1700 and 1727 when died aged 84 years.

About the coin

The design on the reverse of the coin is based on the sun and the universe, as this embodies the advances in science that Sir Isaac Newton was responsible for.

The coin, even in circulation form is striking with the circles increasing in size from the sun to the edge of the coin, this creates and additional shine. It does make the writing and design less visible, but it makes a very attractive addition to any collection.

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