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Release report: 2020 Snowman 50p - Tuesday 1st December 2020

Consumer Interest
Consumer Choice
Resale Potential
Quality Awaiting Data

If you got caught up in release day excitement – and have changed your mind about an item you ordered, please see the after purchase options section.

2020 The Snowman and The Snowdog Brilliant Uncirculated 50p
Potential design: 2020 The Snowman and The Snowdog Brilliant Uncirculated 50p


The coin design is nice but too similar to the previous releases to spark real interest and trigger rapid sales.

The Royal Mint could have incorporated a new character on the third coin - such as the Snowdog to keep the series fresh and in demand.

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Royal Mint Promotion Codes

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2 questions:
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If you answer yes to 1 or both, you could cancel your order (see after purchase options) and place a new one.

Enter Promotion Code: DSC340 for Royal Mint free delivery and if you spend £50+ you can also enter Promotion Code: BND236 for a FREE GRUFFALO & MOUSE 50P PACK.

Consumer Interest

Coin Hunter tracks visits and sales data from a number of websites including

Website traffic and sales were much lower than previous comparable releases. Whilst this would be expected due to the current health and financial situation, the lack of interest may also reflect a changing attitude of coin consumers.

Decision not to purchase feedback has been received relating to:
Coins not entering circulation
Coin toning concerns
Series continuity (colour BU) – the first 2 coins in the series were not available in this format.

The fact that a colour Silver Proof Limited Edition Presentation (LEP) of 7,000 is still available on day 2 - is an indication of this change and the waning interest in this series or similar style releases that have now saturated the market.

Consumer Choice

Most people are looking to reduce non-essential expenditure right now - so value for money and choice are very important.

The range offered direct from The Royal Mint including exclusive items could be priced too high for the current market - and with few or no alternative buying options - people are not seeing value in variants such as the £20 cupronickel 50p coin - even if it’s colour printed.

Resale Potential

The data available to Coin Hunter at this time suggests that none of the 2020 Snowman coin products will appreciate in value in the short term.

Resale values of the colour BU and Silver Proof products are expected to fall below RRP – even taking into account the lower limited edition numbers. The packaging for the £20 colour BU is a detractor due to the plain Royal Mint brand logo and colours used.

The one product in the range that is expected to increase in value is not a coin product – The Snowman 2020 Limited Edition Print (100) is sold out and will be desirable to those with an interest in The Snowman and the illustrator Robin Shaw.

The packaging for the £10 BU is attractive and well designed – in terms of resale potential at a future date, this is a product worth considering at the right price.

The RRP of £10 is not the right purchase price as this product will likely be available for £9 delivered via Facebook coin groups.

Here at Coin Hunter, we can buy this product wholesale for £6 – consumers should be looking to pay £7.50 for this unlimited production product.

Keep an eye out for a 25% off sale that includes this product when initial interest has evaporated. Also look for promotion codes that offer Free Delivery – such as DSC340 – which was available to use on launch day purchases from The Royal Mint.

You could look to buy for your collection during a Christmas or New Year sale. If you plan to resell at a future date, wait as long as possible before making a bulk purchase – just as the product is about to end its production run is the best time to buy.

At this time you will have a good idea of the likely future demand and potential resale prices after the product is marked “No longer available” on The Royal Mint website.


Awaiting feedback – please email quality reviews for this product to

What does LOWEST EVER LEP mean?

Additional Notes

The "LOWEST EVER LEP" badge shown on The Snowman™ 2020 UK 50p Silver Proof Coin is at best misleading and at worse false advertising that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) may wish to review.

I have made The Royal Mint aware of this issue and expect the badge to be amended to show accurate information, which is "LOWEST EVER LEP for a Silver Proof 50p featuring The Snowman".


If you like this design and would like it in your collection right now – buy it from the supplier that offers the best value (when taking into account delivery costs) – but also consider customer service too. Use promotion codes if available.

If you would like the coin in your collection, but there is no immediate rush – wait for a discounted price on any unlimited production items. Make your own call on limited edition products, only buy at RRP if you think it will sell out and increase in value.

If you plan to buy for investment purposes, research the market for the product variant you are looking to buy. Some older coin products are now worth more than the original RRP, but many of the recent product releases are now re-sold at less than the original selling price and are unlikely to rise in value.

If return on investment is your long term aim, perhaps for your children – you should consider other options and perhaps seek financial advice.

After purchase options

As with any purchase where you have not had the opportunity to handle the product – distance selling regulations apply.

You can cancel your order for any reason – from the moment the order is placed until seven working days from the day after you receive your goods.

If you have changed your mind, simply phone the customer services team with the order number and details to hand – ask them to cancel an order or remove items from the order.

If the product has not yet been dispatched, they can cancel the order and return any pending payment to you.

If the product has been dispatched or is in your possession – you will need to ask customer services how to return a product - then follow this process to return the item(s).

The Royal Mint Customer Services team: 0800 032 2154

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