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2022 Coin Speculation - The Royal Mint

Unlike other major mints, The Royal Mint do not publish a UK coin release schedule. Keeping this information under embargo to maximise release impact and press coverage for each new UK coin.

So without a schedule we are left with speculation based on bits and pieces of information released by The Royal Mint, past history and a few assumptions based on logic.

The Royal Mint Limited are just a Private limited Company - any business entity has the same goal - to make as much profit as possible, whilst keeping to core principals.

Date: 6th February 2022

Expectation: The SYO available on 06/02/2022 from The Royal Mint Experience will feature a "special obverse".

Speculation: The "special obverse" is likely to be different to the 2 currently available in the 2022 Annual Coin Set and Platinum Jubilee individual coin packs for the Platinum Jubilee 50p and £5 coins.

It would be nice to see the original first portrait of The Queen by Mary Gillick as the obverse for The Royal Mint Strike Your Own (SYO) 50p on the 70th Anniversary of the coronation.

It could be that a new updated version of the young head may have been commissioned for the obverse - perhaps by John Bergdahl who designed the horseback obverse as seen on the individually packaged coins.

Circulation Speculation: Here at Coin Hunter we hope and expect that a version of the Platinum Jubilee 50p coin will enter general circulation in February - it would seem most likely that the current Jody Clark obverse would be used for a circulation 50p coin.

Past Precedent: Brexit and Diversity 50p coin designs entered circulation at a time when demand from businesses did not justify the production and release to cash centres.

It is very likely that political pressure was the reason these coins entered circulation and we expect cash centres also brought these new coins to the front of the queue for release, especially in the case of the Brexit coin to tie in with the date of withdrawl from the EU.

The Platinum (70th) Anniversary of Her Royal Highness The Queen's coronation has a great importance to the nation - if this coin does not follow the Brexit and Diversity 50ps into circulation, it would be disapointing - and in our option, a historic error of judgement.

Additional: Previous years have seen Royal events and Jubilee's marked with the same denomination - "non-circulating" £5 coins - this year for the first time, a 50p coin is also used to mark the Platinum Jubilee - perhaps to give the circulation option for this event.

Annual sets with coins only available in the set are often marketed with "set exclusive" text - the 2022 Annual Set page on The Royal Mint website makes no mention of the Jody Clark obverse being a set only exclusive.

The 2022 Annual Coin Set Platinum Jubilee Edition

Fact: As a business targeting profit, The Royal Mint are looking to create engaging products that spark interest and lead to sales.

Speculation: A Royal event of such significance presents The Royal Mint with an opportunity that should not be missed. In February, could we see Special Edition Annual Sets?

A range of Platinum Jubilee Edition sets would create a large amount of interest and generate significant revenue - so it would be difficult to imagine that this would not happen.

Would you like to see a set with all coins showing the first portrait?, or perhaps a set with the full range of portraits used on coinage over the past 70 years.