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AJW Coins

AJW Coins

British milled coins

AJW Coins sells coins from a shop located at Cabinet at Sidmouth Antique centre and via an online shop, selling coins from Milled and hammered coins for sale from AJW Coins such as the Farthing, Shilling, Half Penny, Penny, Sixpence, Threepence, Groat, Florin, Half Crown, and Three-Halfpence are listed on Coin Hunter. Established in 2011 AJW Coins has been trading for 7 years.

AJW Coins
Please mention Coin Hunter when getting in contact
Contact Name Andrew
Location Bristol
Shop Address Cabinet at Sidmouth Antique centre
Phone 0845 6807087 / 07517 251262
Contact Form / Email AJW Coins
andrewwide [at]
Coins for sale listed online Yes
Website AJW Coins
Discount Codes Yes
Buys Coins Yes

AJW Coins are interested in buying coins. Andrew can be contacted via the website, by email or by phone.

AJW Coins have about 233 milled and hammered coins for sale from Henry II (1154-1189) to 1967.

A small selection of the bronze, silver, and copper coins currently available from AJW Coins are shown below. To see more visit the AJW Coins website or use the Coin Hunter Coin Finder to search and filter available coins.

1918 'Bright finish' Farthing, CGS 70, George V, Freeman 597, UIN 19948 - AJW Coins
AJW Coins
1887 Florin, CGS 65, Victoria, Davies 810, UIN 13753 - AJW Coins
AJW Coins
1925 Farthing, CGS 65, George V, UIN 21303 - AJW Coins
AJW Coins
1907 Shilling, CGS 55(AU55), nEF, Edward VII, Gouby obverse 2A - AJW Coins
AJW Coins
1860 Halfpenny, CGS 65, Victoria, Freeman 258, UIN 23286 - AJW Coins
AJW Coins
1903 Penny, CGS 78(MS 63-64), UNC, Edward VII, UIN 16983 - AJW Coins
AJW Coins
1899 Sixpence, CGS 75, Victoria, ESC 1769, UIN 22830 - AJW Coins
AJW Coins
1900 Threepence, CGS 82, Victoria, ESC 2112, UIN 19237 - AJW Coins
AJW Coins
1838, Groat, CGS 82(MS 64-65), UNC, UIN 17489 - AJW Coins
AJW Coins

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