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Cadbury Gifts Direct Promotional Codes / Coin Code

15% off Cadburys Chocolate Birthday Gifts

Reveal code for: 15% off Birthday Gifts
Reveal code for: 15% off Birthday Gifts
Apply this Coin Code to earn digital coins when you shop at Cadbury Gifts Direct

Coin Code:
Apply this Cadbury Gifts Direct code
Click the link above to set the coin code - there is no need to enter the code at, just follow the instructions to mint a coin and then shop as normal.

If you have a voucher code, enter it in the "Have a Promotional Code?" section when you checkout - if not, don't worry as you will still receive coinback as huntcoins, a digital cashback currency.

Once you have completed your order - your newly minted digital coins will be added to your huntcoin wallet (usually within 48 hours). Your email address is used as the key to access your wallet.

Coin Codes: Cashback from Cadbury Gifts Direct as digital currency (huntcoin)

Exclusive to Code Hunter, discount codes and "coinback". Save money when you shop online at Cadbury Gifts Direct and use the special coin code to receive an additional discount.

Bargain hunters, I bet you've seen the "Have a Promotional Code?" question on the Cadbury Gifts Direct checkout page.

If you're looking to save money, but every time you click ADD, enter a promotional code and click APPLY - you see a message saying "The coupon code "??????" is not valid."

Just click COIN CODE: Cadbury Gifts Direct ( to earn huntcoins as you shop and get free access to the Coin Hunter app where you can:

Join the hunt for more digital currency in your virtual change!

Once you have activated your unique tracking code by clicking any of the coin code links - go to the huntcoin page to find out more about this new digital currency or start hunting now using your free access to the Coin Hunter app.

Cadbury Gifts Direct Loyalty Rewards

Register an account with Cadbury Gifts to take advantage of the Chocolate Chunks special rewards given whenever you make an online purchase.

1 chunk worth 1p is added to your wallet for every £1 spent (excluding delivery cost) - save them up to put towards or pay in full for future purchases made on

Free Chocolate Chunks - Cadbury give you 100 Chunks for registering and 50 more for signing up to receive email offers.

Google Reviews 5 Star

Code Hunter is part of the Coin Hunter network which is rated as 5 stars on Google Reviews and 4.8 stars on Facebook.

If there was a working code, surely you would have found it by now! - attempting to save money can quickly turn into wasted time - so why not use a Cadbury Gifts Direct coin code instead.

DISCLOSURE: We may earn a commission when you follow some of the links shown on this page and make a purchase.
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