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2017 Jane Austen Brilliant Uncirculated 2 [Royal Mint pack]

2017 Jane Austen Brilliant Uncirculated 2 [Royal Mint pack]

The Jane Austen 2 celebrates the life and work of author Jane Austen. The design by Dominique Evans shows Jane Austen's signature and silhouette. The two pound coin is struck to Brilliant Uncirculated quality and displayed in The Royal Mint's official presentation folder which has lots of information about Jane Austen and the coin itself.

Item weight:50g
Product code:BU17JAU2RM
Product ID:8360016965
Royal Mint product code:UK17JABU

The Jane Austen 2 coin is a beautiful coin that has been very popular since its release. The collector's edition presentation folder is a great addition to any collection as this coin will not enter circulation, so can't be found in your change.

Jane Austen was an English Novelist born in 1775 and is best known for her novels which offer an insight into life during the late 1700s and early 1800s. Her novels were published anonymously, and though she received little publicity from them during her lifetime, 200 years after her death, she is considered one of the most important literary characters of that time.

Her stories of love and realism were unusual at the time, and are loved today as important pieces of literature. This 2 coin has been issued to celebrate her life and work.

The reverse design is a simple portrait of Jane Austen, contained within a locket, with her signature across the front. The lettering around the outside includes her name, the anniversary date and coin denomination. Jody Clark's obverse (5th portrait) design is used on the other side.

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