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Coin Hunter Coin Hunt 50 Years of the Fifty Pence Information and tips

Coin Hunter 50p Coin Hunt: Information and tips

The event will start at exactly 12:00:00 midday on Sunday 3rd of February - at this point all coins will be available to find, which includes Kew Gardens and every other 50p coin design of the last 50 years.

50p Coin Hunt
50p Coin Hunt

Tip 1: Practice before the main event starts - play the daily hunt so you are familiar with all features of the app and how to use it.

Tip 2: On Sunday the 3rd of February, play at 12 midday, as desirable coins are quickly found and locked. (removed from online circulation).

Free players, use your 1 lock wisely! If you lock a coin such as the offside 50p and then see Kew, there is nothing you can do but leave it for someone else.

Tip 3: Consider upgrading to a premium version from just £3. You will see more coins and can lock more of the coins you see. You also become eligible to win a prize if you're score is one of the 3 highest.

Tip 4: Play your hands quite fast, but not so fast that you miss a coin you want! At the start of a coin hunt event, coins are being reserved by other players every second.

Tip 5: If you see a coin you want, click the coin and lock it as fast as you can. The coin remains in online circulation whilst in your virtual hand, first* to lock it gets it.

*No one wants to see the "coin locked by another user" message - but it can happen if there is just 1 of a certain coin design remaining and 2 people see it at the same time.

Tip 6: If you see a coin such as Kew but accidentally move on to the next hand of change - you can still lock it if you're quick. Click the "Coin Album" button, click the coin and then lock it. (If the coin is still available and has not been locked by another player)

Prizes are available for the highest scoring premium players. First place will win the sold out at The Royal Mint 50 years of the 50p set. Points are scored based on the rarity of the coins you see in your handfuls of change, but a score of 0 points is assigned for any coin you lock.

Tip 7: If you have upgraded to premium and you have your eye on a prize, leave some of the rare designs you see for others to lock - as these coins will score good points.

For more information visit the 50 Years of the Fifty Pence link at the top of this page.

Look at the all coins link at the top of the page so you know what coins are available and how many points each coin is worth. (Points information will be added before the hunt begins)

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